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Cathy Buggs
Cathy BuggsUpdated 9 months ago

Visualize your business projects

ArgoUML is an open-source developer tool that helps in creating complex designs and diagrams. The free Windows program simplifies standard UML, so businesses can easily visualize projects that they intend to develop and deploy. That said, the program requires working knowledge of UML, so users can create a range of diagrams, get an evaluation from the critique option, and better the designs as per feedback.

What is ArgoUML?

UML stands for Unified Modeling Language, using which businesses can visualize different design systems. The general-purpose language is used for development purposes and consists of a range of semantics, notations, and diagrams. However, the language can be quite complex and most applications that support it expect a basic knowledge of the technology.

ArgoUML, however, makes it easier for software developers and companies to create UML-based development plans. It does it with a unique feature that supports decision making and simplifies the modeling process. Created in 1998, the application provides support for other standards like OCL, SVG, and XMI and can run on any Java platform.

That said, the open-source free program does have its limitations. While ArgoUML is compliant with UML 1.1 it doesn’t support UML 2.0 yet. Moreover, a few essential features like copy-paste, menu options, and buttons are either non-existent or non-functioning. Nevertheless, the program does provide cognitive backing via its modeling structure, making it a viable option for businesses who want help with their UML designs.

Easy installation

Installing ArgoUML download on your computer will hardly take any time. Once downloaded, you can run the setup file that’ll take about 30 seconds to install the program on your Windows PC. It’ll even create a desktop shortcut so you can launch the application anytime you like. Since the app is written in Java, it’s quite portable and can run without a glitch on any machine that has JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed.

Inspired by psychology

One of the best parts about ArgoUML is the fact that it gets its inspiration from theories that have been part of cognitive psychology. This science focuses on mental processes dealing with attention spans, perception, problem-solving, creative thinking, and memory. Supported by this study, the program offers better handling and enhanced creativity.

Moreover, the program can generate code without the help or presence of the method section. It can also reverse engineer code using source files, generate diagrams, and help in the advanced editing of processes and system designs. It’s a unique program that takes into account the natural flow of thoughts of a complex designer.

Clean and easy-to-use interface

When you download ArgoUML, you get access to a clean and simple interface that can help you visualize a range of products for your business. The primary window of the program consists of a drawing pane in which you can sketch your diagrams. Below the pane, you have a details panel, where you can leave notes that help define the diagram that you’ve created. You can even add links and documents here for future reference.

ArgoUML has two more panes, separate from the two mentioned above. One of these is the explorer window. This section is designed to help users show a link between the diagrams they’ve created to the design items as per the chosen perspective. The last pane of the program consists of a ‘To-Do’ section where you can add tasks that you need to complete in order of priority.

Option to customize the program

You can configure ArgoUML using two different setting options. One of these consists of all the classic options, like changing the appearance of the interface as well as selecting your preferred language. You can also use this menu to disable or enable Java code generators or other similar modules. The second menu is called ‘Critique’, and you can use it to shuffle between different design elements created during the modeling process.

Intuitive modeling system

You can easily use ArgoUML to create different models that act as the final prototype of your product. When you start drawing, the cursor gives out hints on how best to place each element. While modeling, you can add a description to your diagrams and link them to associated documents. You can even assign tasks and get a rationale by clicking on different elements. This evaluation provides information on how to better your design.

Supports a range of diagram options

ArgoUML offers support for a range of UML 1.4 diagrams, including statechart, activity sketches, class diagrams, use-case diagrams, collaboration designs, deployment, and sequence diagrams, among others. Other than Java, it also generates code for C++, C#, PHP5, and PHP4. Since the application uses Java Web Start, it can get opened directly from the web browser, instead of just a desktop application.

Offers comprehensive documentation

Apart from offering a range of features, the standard UML tool comes with a comprehensive user manual that’s available in multiple languages, including English, German, and Spanish. Additionally, the program offers a range of tutorials for beginners as well as advanced users. It also offers a virtual tour of the program, so users can get a good view of the interface as well as the program’s various functions!

Are there any alternatives?

ArgoUML helps in simplifying UML for businesses. However, it does have limited features. If you’re looking for ArgoUML alternatives, you should check out StarUML, Software Ideas Modeler, and Diagram Designer.

Should I download ArgoUML?

ArgoUML is an open-source application that supports modeling activities using UML. The program’s interface is easy-to-use and supports almost all diagram types. It assists in improving designs and comes with notes as well as To-Do list panes. Using the application, you can track your progress, reverse engineer Java code, check different aspects of your designs, and do so much more. However, the program does have limited features as compared to its competitors. That said, you should download ArgoUML if you’re interested in practicing UML models.


  • Provides comprehensive documentation
  • Comes with an intuitive interface
  • Supports all UML 1.4 diagrams
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Doesn’t support UML 2.0
  • Limited features

Program available in other languages

ArgoUML for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 0.35.1
  • 3

  • Security Status

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